Our Approach

Rainbird Healthcare Business Services – a comprehensive solution to all stakeholders in the industry.

With a collective experience of over 250 years in the RCM space both in software and solutions perspective, Rainbird’s services simplify the process, through Workflow Automation, Robotic interfaces and pre-defined Algorithms on the medical billing front, making the whole process, a breeze!

Shift-Left Methodology (SLM)

Our consultative approach (SLM) baselines your existing processes and benchmarks them against the targets.

It helps doctors focus more on patients, by reducing the time and effort on administrative work, while patients get quicker access and better care at lowest cost possible, with consolidated reports and data. The state-of-the-art technology drives the claim queues faster thus ensuring that there are no unsettled claims beyond 90 days!

Workflow automation, Algorithm, and Robotics (WAR)

Our solutions, through WAR, makes implementation of all the processes a breeze! The algorithms can spot errors as and when they occur, eliminate them and thereby improving productivity multifold.

Our 180 Day guarantee: You will have no pending claims beyond 90 days and an uptick of about 18% in your annual collection, at no extra cost!